Passing shoulders, C halted to marvel at the saturated stripes of cerulean, kelly, and white.  "Your taste in clothes is aging," she offered.  All she got was a cackle.

Some background on this germane individual.  Like those similar minded, her philosophy for clothing is defined as an image enhancer.  "With age," -- with as much seriousness as stating an opinion -- clothing takes on a greater role of much of the same; this means sequins, stark colors, and components of holiday adornments.

While yet time for an overhaul, she pronounced my departure from minimalism.  My allowance for color in an outfit was limited to different colors under the same hue.  I realize now, the aesthetic of not repeating hues nor colors; stark contrasts can be harmonious.  Also, it's a cost-absent method of upending a wardrobe.

Nevertheless, not even the Ark Hotel was built in a single day; with viridian Levi's on, I was well-nigh of counting my steps to muted gray shorts.

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