Professionalism is largely a social construct, something I can't say I have a full handle over at times.  "Your clothes are wrinkled."  "That's my aesthetic," I would reply, ideally.  But deep within, I knew better than to divulge before I knew better.

Scrubs are my uniform of chance.  They're worn with fear at my institution.  And like many things from the place mentioned, adhesions are lost as laxer alternatives are experimented with.  It's not surprising to see polo and crew necks on my coworkers.  Neither would it be surprising to take off my scrubs and resort to my v-neck underneath, my opinion. 

I'm arriving at a conclusion that didn't require pavement, but since I'm here: unlike personal style, uniforms are to be of witness to the customer.  Arguing its effect on the wearer's work mentality is a valid point, though the greater picture is to be seen from the consumer point of view.  Work is work, after all.

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  1. I'm all for uniforms!
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