helplessness inquiries that i'm choosing to answer at a later time

So it has come to this: sewing books that I'm having trouble keeping open.  Three, to be exact.  I might be jumping ahead of myself, pitching in a couture sewing book for good measure, though it's never too early to sew like Karl, yes?

Speaking of days following tomorrow, I will have sewn several napkins and an a-line skirt for -- I suppose the time will have come -- myself.  I imagine there will be some fabric displacement involved.  In an ideal world, we can eat pastries without halt, and I will be able to sew without a dressform.  Dressforms are daunting.  The selection is innumerable; how do I settle on one, and which one?  Do male dressforms come in my size?  Should I just buy a kid's dressform for smaller sizing?  Are they even called dressforms? 

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